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We currently carry AquaMaxx, Skimz and Korallin brand Nitrate Reactors. Nitrate Reactors can be an essential part of any reef tank that has consistently high Nitrate Levels. The way Nitrate Reactors work is by combining Sulfur media with calcareous media, which offers a highly effective level of Nitrate Removal. All brands of Nitrate Reactors here at Reef2land we carry because of the exceptional reviews that we have received from customers. Should you have any questions, please contact us.

Maintaining the healthiest reef environment possible is what all reef keepers strive to achieve. Reactors can greatly improve the chances of optimum water quality by offering a wide range of applications. There are Calcium Reactors for maintaining water chemistry. Zeovit and Biopellet Reactors colonize beneficial bacterial and work towards the same goal of riding tanks of harmful nutrients such as nitrates and phsophates. And Media Reactors can perform many functions due to their versatility. To see all the reactors we carry at Reef2Land, and what they do, use the products list above and select Reactors.

Nitrate Reactors

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