Neptune Systems Sky LED Lights

The Neptune Sky LED Light is the pinnacle of the reef-keeping industry. You can use the Sky LED either as a stand-alone unit or by connecting it to your Apex controller. These lights were specifically engineered for coral growth and coloration. The SKY LED is a 200w, reef light, with patented diffuser technology, that blends all of its 104 LEDs to create a homogeneous field of coral-health-optimized light. You will not have to worry about hotspots or the so-called disco-ball effect. With the Sky you won't have to worry about any harsh shadowing or broken spectrum issues like with so many other lights. If you have any other questions feel free to email us. We have been working with these lights a lot over the last 3 months and they are truly amazing. 
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Neptune Systems Sky LED Light - Reef2Land
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