Maxspect Gyre is a subsidiary of CoralVue Aquarium Products, one of the longest standing and most reliable names in the aquarium industry. The Gyre line of wavemakers is by far our #1 pump choice for reef aquaria. Its revolutionary flow technology is exceptionally unique with the way it leaves no water left unturned. This leads to nearly zero dead spots in a tank, and a much more efficient means of recreating a natural reef environment. Because of this, Maxspect Gyre units are unsurpassed when it comes to being a mandatory part of successful reef keeping. Should you have any further questions please refer to our Reef101 Section or contact us.

**Please note that all Maxspect Gyre products are excluded from discounts based on the manufacturers guidelines set for all retail stores. Why should you choose us for your Maxspect Gyre purchases? Because of our Reef2Rewards Program. Click HERE to find out more or visit our Reef2Rewards section in the menu.** 

Maxspect Gyre Wavemaker

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