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We have VERY few a360 and AP700 brand new units remaining from The Kessil All Out Clearance that ends March 1st. Act fast to make sure you scoop them up. When they're gone they're gone.

Kessil has contributed some of the most useful advances to both aquarium and plant lighting. The Dense Matrix Technology sets the bar for all LEDs because it a achieves a powerful light source with amazing coverage. Both spectrum-color and light intensity are easy to control with the turn of knob or press of a button. Kessil is our Top Choice based on the remarkable results we have seen. Their LEDs do a superior job helping us keep some of the most light demanding reef members such as SPS corals and clams. With the added "shimmer" effect of all their lights, we can't imagine why someone would look at any other brand. To see how Kessil compares to the competition, visit our Aquarium Lighting Power Rankings page. 

Kessil is a company that understands what it takes to stay on top by showing how much they believe in their products. All of their LEDs are backed by extraordinary customer service and an industry leading 2-year warranty. Not once have we received a negative review about any of their products. All of this reliability packaged in an elegant compact design is why in our opinion no other brand compares. At Reef2Land we work closely with this company and we're amazed by the contributions they have made to successful reef keeping. If you should have any question which light is right for you, please contact us or refer to our Reef101 section.

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