Kessil A160 Tuna Sun LED Light - Wide Angle - w/Mounting Options


The Kessil a160 Tuna Sun LEDs are suitable for nearly any small Freshwater Planted Tank. Each light has a coverage area of 16-20 inches on all sides with a wattage of 40 watts which is suitable for up to 2 foot deep tanks.   

Kessil a160 LEDs are nearly unmatched when it comes to the benefits they have for your home aquarium. The Kessil Shimmer Effect creates almost an identical shimmer in the water as metal halides. All of us here at Reef2Land are also divers and spend a lot of time in the water - so the feeling of being in the water or on the reef was a must have. The appearance however is only one of the features that impressed us. We run these lights in the shop and at our own houses. With the color mixing, ease of use and nearly endless applications, Kessil made being our favorite choice simple.

Add an A-series gooseneck and Kessil Spectral Controller for easy mounting and outstanding control. At Reef2Land we throw in the Unit Link Cables FREE with any order of 2 or more a160 lights. 

A160WE Features:

  • Kessil Logic™ - Adjust color on one channel and intensity on other channel
  • Tunability - Tune the spectrum and intensity from 10,000K to Actinic for the Tuna Blue, and 6,000K - 9,000K for the Tuna Sun
  • Compatible with external 0~10V controllers like the Spectral Controller, Neptune Apex, and Digital Aquatics Reefkeeper
  • Compact, pendant design
  • Exceptional shimmer effect
  • Dense Matrix LED - patented design of tightly packed LED
  • Proprietary blend of precision UV light to encourage coral coloration
  • Two Channels for fine tuning of brightness and color spectrum
  • Quiet operation
  • Advanced heat management system results in higher efficiency
  • Easily mounted via the Gooseneck System
  • Tuna Blue best for reef and saltwater tanks
  • Tuna Sun best for refugiums, mangrove, and planted tanks 

Light Spread/Coverage:

  • A160WE will cover a 12” - 24” area, at a height of 12” - 24” off the surface of the water respectively

A160WE Specifications:

  • 5" (including control knobs) x 2.5" x 2.5"
  • 2.3 pounds (includes power supply)
  • 40 watts