R2L Premium EXO Unit Link Cable 6 or 12 foot for a160 & a360 LED Lights


Use the R2L Unit Link Cable to connect two or more A360 or A160 series LED lights. 

This Premium Gold Plated Unit Link Cable for connecting Multiple Kessil LED Lighting units is ideal if you are looking for minimal signal loss, but also need a slim cable and housing. You can use it to connect A360 or A160 LED Light Models. This will assist with quicker programming and to ensure that all lights are running at the same peak level for all of your tank inhabitants needs.

  • Gold Plated Connectors for corrosion resistance and reliable connectivity. 
  • Heavy duty, yet slim cable for flexibility 
  • Aluminum shell end connectors for added strength and EMS protection 
  • Full length shielding for resistance to RF and EM Interferance. 
  • Pure Copper Conductors, stranded 7 each. 
  • 2 x 0.12/7C conductors 
  • Copper Clad Steel (#30) Braiding (12mm each braid), with Foil Aluminum Outer shielding 
  • 28AWG 
  • Outer Diameter Cable: 3.2mm 
  • Outer Diameter Metal Shell (Each end): 6.0mm