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Before you select Kessil as your lighting choice visit our Best Aquarium Light testing by clicking HERE.

Kessil lights are at the head of the aquarium industry when it comes to user-friendly technology and lighting innovation. The Dense Matrix Technology achieves a powerful light source with amazing coverage. Both spectrum-color and light intensity are easy to control with the turn of knob or press of a button. The added "shimmer" effect of all their lights, packed into a simple, elegant, compact design, makes them the perfect choice for any aquarium. Some retailers might not want to lay claim to any light brand to say which one is their favorite, ours is Kessil. This company understands what it takes to be #1 at our store.

To see how Kessil lighting compares to the competition, visit our Aquarium Lighting Power Rankings page lights. If you should have any question which light is right for you, please contact us or refer to our Reef101 section. 

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Kessil Lights

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