Finnex TH Deluxe Aquarium Heaters


Please make sure if you are purchasing a heater for your sump or if it will be coming in contact with other equipment that your heater has a heater guard.

Titanium heating tubes are virtually unbreakable, and corrosion resistant allowing the use in salt or freshwater aquariums. The titanium housing will resist damage a traditional heater would normally encounter while also providing another level of protection with the use of a plastic guard which helps keep other pieces of equipment and livestock from coming in direct contact with the heating tube.

The Finnex TH series of heating tubes do not come with any type of temperature control. We suggest a simple heater controller like the Cobalt Neo-stat, or our preferred heater controller is a ReefKeeper Lite Controller. Any temperature control device will work, the heaters only require a grounded outlet to plug into.

  • 300W Deluxe – 40-80 Gallons
  • 500W Deluxe – 70-130 Gallons
  • 800W Deluxe – 140-265 Gallons