Finnex HMX-S Aquarium Heaters


Please make sure if you are purchasing a heater for your sump or if it will be coming in contact with other equipment that your heater has a heater guard.

Finnex HMX-S heaters come with an attached digital, touchpad controller that will allow you to precisely set the temperature within your aquarium. These heaters are great for fresh or saltwater aquariums that require a stable, and safe heating system. The HMX-S heaters will keep the temperature within a range of +/- 2 degrees from the set point and with the heating indicating LED you will know when the heater is producing heat or not. Additionally, Finnex digital heaters are equipped with memory. so in the event there is a power outage, your heater will resume your preset temperature settings at start up. Please note that the digital display reads in Fahrenheit.



Tank Size

Overall Length

HMX-S 50


5 - 20 gal

5.75 inch

HMX-S 100


21 - 30 gal

6.75 inch

HMX-S 150


31 - 60 gal

8.0 inch

HMX-S 200


61 - 80 gal

10.75 inch

HMX-S 300


81 - 100 gal

12.0 inch

HMX-S 500


101 - 120 gal

15 inch