Eshopps X350 Advanced Protein Skimmer


The successor to the 3rd Generation of the ESHOPPS PSK-Series, the MID-LEVEL LINE of AXIUM Skimmers continues to redefine simplicity. Switching to an internal pump design allows for a smaller footprint. The new AXIUM Skimmers are equipped with new features such as the new water level adjustable baffle, silencer, quick release pump lock, and a complete redesign of the skimmer body. Guaranteed to grab the attention of many hobbyists is its eye-catching new royal-like purple color scheme.

X-350 Specifications:

  • Rated for Aquarium 300-450 Gallons
  • Pump: PSK1200
  • Water Level: 7-9 inches
  • Footprint: 9.75" x 9.7"
  • Height: 23.7"
X-350 Features:
Independent Water & Air Ratio Adjustment from Silencer
  • Easy tuning for precise Skimming
Transparent Venturi
  • Transparent Venturi to see any calcium build up and allow for easier maintenance
Ultra Quiet Performance
  • Utilizing the industry’s favorite pump, Sicce, to maintain the quietness, while maximizing the performance
Unique Reaction Chamber
  • High volume reaction chamber in a compact design
Adjustable Water Level Baffle
  • For fine tuning