Complete Herbivore Flake Fish Food 2 ounce - Tang and Angelfish Food - For Finicky Herbivores


Complete Herbivore Diet was designed with the most finicky eaters in mind. At Reef2Land we get in some of the hardest to keep fish in the world such as Chevron and Powder Blue Tangs. With Complete Herbivore Diet even these more selective eaters are devouring flake food out of the water column within a few days of being acclimated. With the added benefit of garlic, to help boost immunity, and Astaxanthin, to bring out their most vibrant colors, Complete Herbivore Diet really is the best flake food around.d

"This really is Complete"



Premium Grade Fish Oil

Nutritional Analysis:

Crude Protein 47.25%
Lipids/Fat 8.05%
Crude Fiber 7%
Moisture 12.15%
EPA 10 mg/g
DHA 12 mg/g
Astaxanthin 225 ppm
Vitamin C 2100 ppm

Other Benefits:

Contains NO Artificial Colors or Preservative: pyridoxine (B6), acid (C), Vitamin B12, Cryptoxanthin, Echinenone, Vitamin D3, Cartenoid-Rich, niacin,D-Pantothenic acid, riboflavin (B2), thiamine (B1), folic acid, menadione (K3), biotin, Vitamin A, and Vitamin E. 

How It's Coming:

Jars are IN STOCK and ready to ship. They are Cobalt Blue, adhesive free, polyethylene terephthalate free, and acid free. We ship SUPER fast and free using USPS First Class Mail. All orders are shipped within hours of the sale.

Directions for Use:

For best results take a couple of pinches of Complete Herbivore and crush it up into one cup of tank water. This will allow the flakes to absorb water so they'll float in the center of the tank when added. Stand back and watch even your most finicky eaters go crazy for Complete Herbivore Diet.    

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