CAD Lights BR-2 Conic Media Recirculating Bio-Reactor


Finally a solution for removing and controlling Nitrates, Phosphates, nuisance algae with a twist of your wrist! With our newest full control 3-way re-circulating flow system you can speed up or slow down the effluent and target your desired amount of Nitrates, phosphates you want to remove all while not affecting the tumbling speed of the bio-pellets in the reaction chamber. You can remove all or leave trace amounts to prevent over stripping as you wish. There are many other benefits too that is progressively changing the way we all keep and maintain Marine fish and Reef aquariums. Also works great for GFO or Activated Carbon. A fine filter media bag is recommended for GFO or activated carbon use. 

CAD Lights Conic Specifications:

  • Overall dimensions: 6.5" x 6.5" x 22.75"
  • Wattage: 41W
  • Flow: 625GPH
  • Construction: 100% Aquarium grade Cell-cast Acrylic
  • Bio-pellet capacity: 2200ML
  • Aquarium capacity: 1500G (depending on livestock respectively)
  • Compatibility: Bio-pellets (non round), Carbon
  • GFO Kit available for use with GFO
  • 100% Cell-Cast acrylic

Avoid use of “perfectly rounded” bio-pellets as they will no properly tumble. Use tapered-edge, oblong, or other non-rounded bio-pellets for best results.