Bubble Magus Calcium Reactors

Bubble Magus Calcium Reactors are made with the same attention to detail as every other Bubble Magus product. Constructed of sturdy cast acrylic and equipped with a super-quiet ROCK pump is what makes them one of the best values in the industry. Bubble Magus understands what us hobbyists are looking for when it comes to customer service and dependability of the products that keep our aquariums happy and healthy. For over a decade they have been building one of the most recognized names in the industry.
Bubble Magus Calcium Reactors help maintain proper alkalinity and calcium levels (among other trace elements) by dissolving a media called aragonite. When the aragonite is dissolved it then drips back into the tank to assist in proper water chemistry. They are highly effective, almost self-sustaining additions, that make 2-part dosing obsolete. On average a good reactor package will run about what a year of dosing additives do in our experience. For more information on Calcium Reactors please refer to our Reef101 section.
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