Two Little Fishies Remag Magnesium Media


If you are using a calcium reactor on your reef tank, adding a magnesium media will help keep levels balanced when the effluent is returned back to the aquarium. All aragonite based calcium reactor media will be low in magnesium and will need to be replenished and maintained for a healthy, successful reef tank. By adding ReMag to your calcium reactor you can effectively maintain, calcium, alkalinity, and magnesium in balanced proportions.

We suggest keeping magnesium levels in the range of 1200 ppm - 1400 ppm. Magnesium media in a calcium reactors is one of the easiest way to maintain magnesium, however it is not all that great at elevating it. If you find that you need to boost your magnesium levels we highly suggest using a stand alone magnesium supplement to do so. Once your magnesium levels, in the tank, are where you want them ReMag can be implemented to keep it stable.


1. Rinse ReMag media under tap water until all fines are removed.

2. Add ReMag to any calcium reactor at a ratio of 10% remag to 90% aragonite reactor media by volume.

3. Monitor magnesium levels in the aquarium for the next couple weeks. If you see magnesium levels are slowly dropping, simply increase the amount of ReMag in the reactor.

4. Replenish ReMag in the calcium reactor as needed

Note: Do not exceed 25% ReMag in calcium reactors.