AquaFX Barracuda Glacial Chloramines Blaster RO/DI System 100-300 GPD

$345.00 $385.00

The Aqua FX Barracuda Glacial with Chloramines Blaster adds that extra level to remove Chloramines from your water.

AquaFX Barracuda Glacial with Chloramines Blaster Features:

  • AquaFX Premium 1 micron Sediment
  • AquaFX Carbon Block
  • AquaFX TFC RO Membrane (Always made in the USA - just another quality difference from us and `them`)
  • AquaFX Mixed Bed Color Indicating Zero TDS DI resin
  • Heavy Duty Aluminum Mounting Bracket
  • Quick Connect Fittings standard (no finicky compression fittings)

AquaFX Barracuda Glacial Specifications:

  • 1/4" Hose Bib Adapter
  • AquaFX TFC RO Membrane
  • 10" Canister Filter Wrench for easy filter changes
  • 6 feet of supply tube, drain tube and product tube