Aqua Excel Calcium Reactors

We are one of the first companies in the Nation to offer Aqua Excel Calcium Reactors. With how impressed we were with the performance of the other products they make that we carry, we ordered a few of these for testing. After testing them we found that they were definitely a calcium reactor that we wanted to carry at Reef2Land. The performance was extremely efficient. The pumps were amazingly quiet. The precision when it comes to maintaining proper KH and Calcium levels in the marine aquarium we tested them on was nothing short of amazing. On top of the all of this we found even though they are based outside of the USA it was still very easy to get Warranty Issues handled should a problem arise with any of their skimmers. To learn more about Calcium Reactors and what they do for your tank visit our Reactors Page in Reef 101.
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Aqua Excel CR80 Calcium Reactor - Reef2Land
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