One of the best ways to transport your bird is with an acrylic carrier from Phoenix Bird Carriers. Bird transport is something that we are very serious about here at Reef2Land. With all the pet shows that we visit around the country we needed something that was mobile, lightweight, and would keep our birds happy and healthy. It had to be of high-quality and ensure that with the addition of travel, even short distances, our bird buddies would still feel right at home.
Most of the bird carriers that we saw on the market were made of mesh or metal. With the mesh carriers we tried the fabric easily collapsed which could result in injury. With the metal carriers most were fairly open which resulted in temperature fluctuations. As most people know temperature fluctuations can lead to a sick bird brought on by stress. Enter Phoenix Acrylic Bird Carriers. These unique carriers are easy to clean, reduce temperature fluctuations, and make transporting your bird a breeze. Even getting your bird in and out much simpler with their new design. Every carrier can have the perches raised or lowered before you leave with your bird to allow for different seating heights. With all of these benefits we can't imagine why anyone would choose a different carrier. 

Acrylic Bird Carriers

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