Acrylic Bird Cages

   You Get What You Pay For!!!
At Reef2Land we don't take product testing lightly. A company has to perform extremely well to be considered by us. We noticed the demand for acrylic cages was increasing, and right alongside it the list of complaints about them was increasing as well. Enter Nest Cages. They listened to what the bird keeping industry was saying and they made a product that would impress almost anyone that may be on the fence about purchasing an Acrylic Cage.
Every time we sell one of these the customers are blown away - by the attention to detail, the customer service, and the outstanding construction. Nest took all the feedback they were reading when it comes to other Acrylic Cages on the market and saw it as an opportunity to engineer a cage that people would love. Air circulation, ease of cleaning, safety, and durability are some of the biggest improvements we have seen compared to other Acrylic Cage brands we sold in the past.
We believe Acrylic Cages are much better for your feathered family member then bar cages. The one thing most people know about pets is they love having an unobstructed view. The only thing that could be better than a full acrylic cage would be no cage at all, but we have to keep them safe. An unobstructed view allows for our birds to feel closer to us and their environment, which leads to a more even-tempered and quiet bird. Draft and temperature variations are all but eliminated. These can play a major role in keeping your bird happy and disease free. Metal cages also have more tiny cracks and crevices that can be nearly impossible to clean, which could lead to a sick bird. Protect your feathered friend today by getting them only the best for their home. It's what we do here at Reef2Land 
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